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New Dance Patch for Kurzweil Pc3K, Forte, Forte SE. Over 90 MB Multisamples.

64 Program ( 2 Drum Kit)

8 Setup

pdf_ikonaPower Synths– List Program.


Epic Flute

Real Flute Sounds for Kurzweil Pc3K.

1 Setup :”Epic Flute”

6 Layer HD Natural Sounds.

16 MB Wave  Sample.

pdf_ikona„Epic Flute” – List


Epic Pads

Best Pad od Kurzweil Pc3K/ Forte SE/ Forte.

57 HD Sounds and 7 Setups.

Epic Past are exceptional quality sounds. This collection consists of 57 Programs and 7 Setups. We filled up the whole available 128 MB of RAM memory to provide you the greatest, spatial and unique expressive sound. The Epic Pad Bank uses both powererful V.A.S.T. engine in Kurzweil PC3 K and remote samples, prepared with utmost conscientiousness. These are not soulless textures. They live their own live. We achieved this using the best quality, long wave samples. Listen to samples and ascertain about their uniqueness.


EpicPads List