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Atmospheric Pad

Over 120 MB Atmospheric Pad
Best sounds for Movies!
30 Program
4 Multi Setup

Clean Rhodes

Over 44 MB clean sounds Mark I Rhodes.
Wery Light Program for Your PC3K, Kurzweil Forte, Forte Se.
Program List:
1 Clean Rhodes
2 Clean Rhodes chorus
3 Clean Rhodes compressor
4 Clean Rhodes Reverb
5 Clean Rhodes Tremolo
6 Clean Rhodes Ring Modulator
7 Clean Rhodes Oct
8 rhodes Pad
9 Clean Rhodes Arp
10 Clean Rhodes Dark
11 Clean Rhodes Radio
12 Clean Rhodes drive
13 Clean Rhodes Wah

Atmospheric Piano

New beautiful piano sound film. We give you great sounds for your Kurzweil. The Bank is 122.7 MB Ram. We have created a set of romantic and pleasant sounds, perfect for ballads, worship, and movies.

List Presets:

1. Amazing Piano

2. Arktic Pad

3. Pad

4. Filter

5. Piano & Strings

6. Complex

7. Glass Pad

8. New Piano

9. Zoo

10. New Piano 1

11. New Piano 2

12. New Piano 3

14.  New Piano 4

15. New Piano 5

16. New Piano 6

17. Amazing Piano 3

18. Amazing Piano 4

19. Amazing Piano 5

20. Amazing Piano 6

21. Short Piano

22. Long Piano

23. Piano & Strings 2

24. Full

25. Forest

26. Pads

27. Light

28. Pads 2

29. Piano 1

30. Piano 2

31. Piano 3

32 Piano 4

33.Piano 5

34. Piano 6

35. EFX

36. Rich Bells

37. Warmic


Mega Brass


New HD Samples!

If you are not impressed by acoustic brasses in your PC3K we have something special for you. The bundle of sounds “Mega Brass” is a stunning acoustic trumpets, trombones and many other brasses gathered in one completeness so as you can get the best quality of sound. The best brass sections for Kurzweil PC3 K. Very Impresive Sounds for Kurzweil PC3K.

1 Big Setup „Mega Brass”  includes 5 zones easy to use

Use dynamics, SW buttons, Arp and Modulation Wheel to put life into big brasses

Over 78 MB Hi Definition samples.

21 especially selected sounds Program

5 Setups.

Over 78 MB Samples Brass!

21 Programs

5 Excellent Setup.

pdf_ikona Megabrass List


DX Sounds

Over 70 MB Sample for Your Kurzweil PC3K, Forte, Forte SE.

19 Programs

21 keymaps

Natural Rhodes

Natural Rhodes
Sounds for Kurzweil PC3k, Forte, Forte SE.
Over 95 MB Sample

4 Layers !

5 Presets:

  • Rhodes Dry
  • Rhodes Bright
  • Rhodes Tremolo
  • Rhodes Tremolo 2
  • Rhodes Leslie
  • Rhodes Wawawa

Epic Guitar

400epic guitar

“Epic Guitar”

4 layer over 80 samples Real Guitar.

107,8 MB 4 Programs.



New Dance Patch for Kurzweil Pc3K, Forte, Forte SE. Over 90 MB Multisamples.

64 Program ( 2 Drum Kit)

8 Setup

pdf_ikonaPower Synths– List Program.


Epic Flute

Real Flute Sounds for Kurzweil Pc3K.

1 Setup :”Epic Flute”

6 Layer HD Natural Sounds.

16 MB Wave  Sample.

pdf_ikona„Epic Flute” – List


Epic Pads

Best Pad od Kurzweil Pc3K/ Forte SE/ Forte.

57 HD Sounds and 7 Setups.

Epic Past are exceptional quality sounds. This collection consists of 57 Programs and 7 Setups. We filled up the whole available 128 MB of RAM memory to provide you the greatest, spatial and unique expressive sound. The Epic Pad Bank uses both powererful V.A.S.T. engine in Kurzweil PC3 K and remote samples, prepared with utmost conscientiousness. These are not soulless textures. They live their own live. We achieved this using the best quality, long wave samples. Listen to samples and ascertain about their uniqueness.


EpicPads List

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